Fraser Fir Pot Grown Christmas Tree



If you would like to come and select your own tree then feel free to come along to the Garden Centre after this date to pick your tree.


  • REAL LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE – Can be placed outside in the garden after Christmas and can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need to keep buying new trees.
  • GREAT SHAPE & FRAGRANCE – The Fraser Fir owes much of it’s popularity to its strong base, thick branches and the citrusy-sweet scent given off by the tree.
  • POT GROWN, EASY TO CARE FOR AND MAINTAIN – With regular watering and occasional feeding, these trees will last a long time. Little pruning is required, just the occasional trim to keep its shape.


The Fraser Fir has been becoming popular in the UK. Many people choose this tree for its gorgeous silvery-green, dense and bushy foliage as well as the softness of the needles, which help to avoid scratches and other injuries. Another reason why this tree is so popular is due to the sweet citrus aroma given off by the tree, this scent fills your home and can last for as long as the tree is indoors. The branches of the tree are thick, strong and are angled upward to allow easy decoration and it can take on heavier ornaments with no trouble. Already blessed with excellent needle retention, this tree will hold on to its needles for as long as it is kept well watered.

Caring for this tree doesn’t take much, it really only needs water to keep it going, although this will be needed often. Make sure when watering that the soil is not waterlogged and don’t allow the container to dry out. Once the Christmas is over, you can put the tree in the garden, you can leave it in the container but it is recommended you re-pot the tree into a larger pot to accommodate it’s growth. The root system that develops within the pot will allow this tree to live for years provided it is given the right amount of care. Keep it outside as close to Christmas as possible, and when it is time to bring the tree inside, keep it away from sources of heat such as radiators or fireplaces, these will dry the tree out and quickly cause it to drop its needles.

Be Advised – As per the listing Image, the total height is inclusive of the pot.

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80-100cm, 100-125cm, 125-150cm