Tetra Prima Granules


Tetra Prima Granules Fish Food is a granulated staple food for all mid-water and bottom-feeding fish. Tetra Prima’s slow-sinking granules are ideal for Tropical fish such as discus, angel-fish, barbs, catfish and loach.




Tetra Prima is a granulated staple food for fish.

These slow sinking granules are formulated to the special nutritional requirements of discus and other mid-water fish, with regard to colour, shape and formula.  Tetra Prima granules contain all the essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.

Suitable for all mid-water and bottom feeding fish such as discus, angel fish, barbs, catfish and loach.

Feeding Guide:
Feed 2-3 times a day, only as much as the fish can consume within a few minutes. In mixed community aquariums, use in combination with TetraMin flakes / crisps or TetraPro.

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30g, 75g